Contact :

• Gautier Baudon
• Guylaine Brochet

Phone number : 00 33 5 46 44 82 82
Fax : 05 46 34 79 36
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


• Perten 9100
• Perten 9200
• Perten 9500

• Foss SOFIA
• Bruins ProTR
• Autres modèles, nous consulter …

Control Prices:

For the machines mentionned above :
• Two products : 470€HT
• Any additional product +90€HT

Other machines :

• Contact us

Maintenance prices :
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Our Network :
10 years of experience
• Over 150 machines  standardized in2010
• More than 50 members
Qualified technicians, trained for all kinds of analysers
• An independant, competent and certified lab's support.

Device control

  • Your instruments calibrations are tested thanks to samples of referenced material tested by our laboratory which is certified by COFRAC
  • These samples are tested thanks to official methods and according to standards to assure you corretc predictive values of protein or fat rate

Products and available parameters

  • Soft wheat  – Protein rate on MS (x5.7)
  • Durum wheat – Protein rate on MS (x5.7)
  • Barley – Protein rate on MS (x6.25)
  • Rapeseed – Fat content on raw
  • According to your region and your choice, annual standardization takes place on a grouping location, at our laboratory or can be done partially by the user thanks to  the samples circuit.
  • when the control is finished, a detailed validation report is done. A  validation label is stuck on your equipment to testify its reliability.

The results follow-up :

  • So that your predictions accuracy don't change after the control, we provide control samples, and a control chart.
  • Thus the user can regularly check the results of this samples and report them on his control chart.
  • In case of lack of accuracy or error, thedevice can be fixed if it's a setting problem  or sent to the company if it doesn't work properly.

Technical maintenance – Repair – User assistance.

  • To be efficient and avoid breakdowns during the harvest, the analysers must be checked every year (changing lamps, cleaning, technical control of wear parts).
  • Our technicians  have been trained by famous analysers company such as PERTEN INSTRUMENT, FOSS France, CHOPIN TECHNOLOGIES…We can check your device early, according to manufacturer's standars.
  • In case of breakdown during harvests, we put you in touch with the manufacturer so that your device is repaired quickly with original parts by experienced professionals. Our NIR experience  and our partnership with manufacturers allow us be effective when users have a problem.
  • In case of dispute, our laboratory provides you with a few free analysis.


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